Shay takes all of the stress out of tax season. She is super responsive and takes so much time to answer all of my questions. I also highly recommend her financial advising services. I feel so much more confident in planning for my future because of her simple, straight-forward strategies. Thank you, Shay!

- Becca Peluso

I'm a small business owner, and I cannot recommend Shay's services enough, especially if you're self-employed. After going to H&R Block for tax prep for two years, I found Shay through a friend for tax prep and am so happy I did. Shay is incredibly organized and helpful, and went above and beyond my expectations.

- Ashley Olinger

Shay has done a tremendous job for me. She has a great attention to detail, knows the business, is responsive to questions, and she's great at explaining things so I can understand them. Highly recommend!

- Dennis Lyon

Shay was recommended to me by a friend, and I'm so glad that I reached out and did a one-on-one session with her! She helped me face my personal finances, realize that everything is gonna be okay, and that the future has the potential to be even better if I choose to take a few simple steps to smartly organize my finances. She also is super thoughtful person and seems genuinely excited about unlocking these doors to financial wellness for others. If you're at all anxious about finances, take a deep breath and call Shay - she's got your back and a plan to get you to the next level.

- Mindy Cooper

I went to Shay to help me get caught up on my taxes from 2017 to 2019. I thought I would owe massive penalties for 2017, and was prepared to pay them. However, Shay was able to find justifiable deductions from my jobs, and I even got a return instead of penalties!!
On top of that, she gave me some advice and instruction on how to go about filing future years so that I could be able to do them independently! She was genuine in preparing and educating me on taxes.

- Ashley Fletcher

Shay has been a pivotal in helping me work through tax matters and financial decisions for my small medical practice. Her responsiveness, reliability, and valuable advice has helped earned my trust over-and-again in the last four years. I am very grateful she came into my business life and is a financial resource for me and my wife as well. She is easy-going and pleasant, which helps when discussing big decisions around finances. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family.

- Paul Robison

I have been working with Shay for several years now. Initially she was working with me to get my finances back in order (creating a budget, paying of debt, creating a savings, etc.) Now I work with Shay each year during tax season. Shay has even helped me to amend and correct errors on past returns. I would highly recommend Shay to anyone. Thank you for all that you do, Shay!!

- Jina O'Neill

I have been working with Shay for over two years now and she has helped me make a significant improvement in my financial wellness, as well as helping me complete my taxes annually. She's smart and fast and really knows how to prioritize and maximize a dollar, and she takes my individual situation and goals into account as well. I'm miles ahead of where I was before I started working with her— cannot recommend her highly enough!

- Sarah Leavens

Shay is an amazing coach. I have been working with her for years now. As a freelancer it's really vital to get her guidance on everything related to my finances. I feel really comfortable opening up to her about my challenges with money. She is really pleasant to work with as well. I fully trust her. After years of working together I am more confident in the choices I make and have Shay to thank! Highly reccommend her services.

- Sara Lee Coffey

Excellent. Shay has been immensely helpful in helping me hit the ground running after finishing my doctoral studies. Together, we have begun to co-create a realistic plan to eliminate my debt as quickly as possible, while planning for long-term financial planning. I look forward to working with her well into the future and recommend her without question!

- Todd Avellar

Shay is wonderful! I don’t consider myself a ‘numbers person.’ She was able to give me a visual picture of my financial health, and help me see my blind spots. We worked together to build a financial plan, and then she helped me navigate through the sticky bits. It was a brilliant collaboration. Thank you Shay!

- Jenna Date

Shay has helped has brought clarity and light to what was my formerly Byzantine tax reality. She is a total pro and the best in the business. She gets my absolute highest possible recommendation.

- Justin Smith