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Shay Port 


Shay Port is a CPA, Financial Coach, Counselor and Educator. After receiving her CPA, Shay worked as a corporate accountant in Los Angeles for over 10 years. After seeing so many of those around her struggling with their personal finances, Shay began to envision a life dedicated to assisting all those who were seeking relief. In 2010, Shay founded her company, Financial Wellness with Shay Port. Shay has since relocated back to her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, and continues her work as a full-time financial coach based out of the City of Champions.


Over the past decade, Shay has coached hundreds of participants in every part of the country, to overcome financial habits that don't serve. Shay and her clients work together on creating holistic, comprehensive and easy-to-follow personal financial plans in order to achieve their financial goals.  


Shay offers many diverse services, but she specializes in helping people who are $25,000 or more in debt, get out of debt without negatively impacting their credit scores and also to form new financial habits in order to become more empowered in the area of their personal finances. 

Shay believes that everyone, regardless of financial circumstances, is entitled to financial education and tools that will help them accomplish their financial goals. That that end, Shay also offers financial coaching through the Hebrew Free Loan Association in Pittsburgh, PA. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, contact Shay to see if you qualify for a financial coaching session at no cost. 


Like everyone, Shay has experienced financial challenges over the course of her life.  But with dedication to achieving her goals and an unwavering commitment to changing her financial habits, Shay has gone from living paycheck to paycheck to living a life of security and abundance.


You too can live a life of financial freedom and security and Shay can’t wait to help you get started!

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