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30 Days to a Debt-Free Life Participants

Claudia & Adam

Our story is not unique and is unfortunately like many others, except now we have hope and a plan for our financial future, thanks to Shay Port. For many reasons including unforeseen setbacks, expensive childcare, car repairs, coupled with careless spending and living beyond our means, we have been in debt most of our 21-year married life. Our debt included car loans, student loans, credit cards and a revolving credit line all with interest rates set to keep us in an endless debt cycle. We had tried consolidating debt, selling things, "debt universities" and various budgets we found on the internet, but nothing stuck for us. 



I spent the majority of my adult life living paycheck to paycheck. I was stressed about money and frustrated that I never had enough to do things I wanted. Everything went to paying bills. I was stuck in the cycle of accumulating credit card debt and then either refinancing my mortgage or taking a home equity loan to pay off the cards only to once again accumulate a high card balance. As I neared retirement, I realized I would never be able to afford to retire.  



My husband and I were both almost 40 by the time we married – we both were used to living on our own as working professionals, having our own paycheck, and not needing to communicate much money. Fast-forward to eight years later, we were parents of two small children with all of the expenses that children bring. Our spending was radically different than they had been as two single people, yet our personal habits about money had not changed – we did not communicate, and we did not have a joint plan.  As the financial manager of our house, I felt like I had no control over where our money was going, or how to re-gain control.



In my mid-thirties, I found myself divorced and the sole provider for my small daughter. My ex-husband, who worked in the financial industry, had been responsible for all of our finances, and I had never before been confronted with the need to consider my own financial health. Though I was in a fairly stable position (I had a job, owned my own home, didn’t have any other debts), I knew I owed it to myself to confidently lead my tiny family on a healthy path forward. 



Getting a free initial session with Shay was the best thing for my family.  We decided to continue to work with Shay for a year after that session. I always let my husband oversee all finances because I hated talking about it and felt completely overwhelmed by the process. Budgeting felt limiting for me especially since I felt that I did not purchase expensive items. I did not realize how much shopping at places like the Dollar Store, Goodwill and Amazon could add up. These sessions have changed my relationship with shopping as I did not realize that I was addicted to it, and now know I cannot shy away from discussing finances.


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