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What is Financial Wellness?


Financial wellness can be described as having a healthy relationship to money.  It means you have all the basic elements of money management in place:  a checking account, a savings account, a retirement account and a budget. Your income is always larger than your expenses and you’re able to plan for future expenses rather than getting caught off guard every month. If these crucial elements of a healthy financial life are lacking, you may feel exposed, insecure or unsure of how you’ll pay the bills each month.

What you can expect to receive here at Financial Wellness with Shay Port, is a comprehensive, holistic approach to developing a healthy relationship to money. Whether you’re an individual, a couple, a freelance worker, or own your own business, I can give you all the tools you’ll need so you never have to worry about your finances again.

Whatever your background or your path, your program begins with discovering how you arrived at your present financial state and then systematically works toward clearing away any past issues to help you achieve all of your financial goals. At the end of our time working together, a personal financial action plan will be prepared with you that is comprehensive and easy to follow.

If you feel you’re lacking the elements of good money management and are searching for financial wellness in your life, then call for a free consultation and start your transformation now!

What is Coaching?

Become self-sufficient.


You tell yourself you’re not good with money. Taking control of your finances feels overwhelming and you really just want someone else to take care of it for you. I believe you have more answers than you give yourself credit for. Through a series of questions designed to bring those answers out, you will discover your financial path and then be able to follow it on your own. The coaching process is designed to ultimately make you self-sufficient. I know just the questions to ask that will assist you in taking control.

What is Counseling?

For immediate needs.


Sometimes you get yourself into a bad situation. Here’s an example: you just lost your job, realized that your debt has grown from the hundreds into the thousands, the regular monthly bills are coming due and you have zero savings (this actually happened to me many years ago). This is when you need a knowledgeable and non-judgmental person to step in and give you the information you need in order to create a clear, concise and functional plan. After you’re out of hot water, there are monthly coaching plans available for you until you’ve got full control.

What is Financial Literacy? Get knowledge.

You probably didn’t learn about personal finances in school. Most of us didn’t. Sometimes you end up in financial situations that you’re not even sure how you got into in the first place. The reason is you don’t have the information you need. You may need someone to explain how credit cards really work, or how to invest in your 401K or even how to access your on-line checking account. I can help with all your financial education needs. So if you’re lacking crucial information, I have it and I’ll pass it on to you.

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